Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tomorrow's Post

Alright guys, I have the comic strip for Wednesday ready and waiting. But I don't even think my four loyal followers are reading. So how about this: as soon as I see four more votes for my comic on TWC, I'll post up the update. Yes I know it's horrible to hold your funny bone hostage like this, especially when I know I'm such a vital source of humor for you.

I have a horrible pun ready for Friday. By horrible I mean Stephen Pastis-caliber horrible. If you want to see it, help me out here.

Edit: I see those two votes! I'm going to add one to it that doesn't count. Just two more votes! Get someone you know to vote if they have nothing better to do.

Edit: YES enough votes. none of which are you guys who are following me as far as I can tell. But that's okay, I know you all are busy this time of year.

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