Friday, April 13, 2012

Iris v. Arky pt. 1

I am currently listening to a medley of Kitsune^2 songs and similar tracks, including "Take off and land" and "Rainbow Tylenol"

with one major difference from the original. They have been dubbed with ponies.
I'm really not sure why I've been obsessed with ponydubbed songs recently. But I have.

So, you were looking for something witty down here? And I haven't put down anything as such recently? GOOD! THERE'S PLENTY HERE TODAY.

Here is a poem I wrote for you:

Summer Air

There's that feeling in the air
of a summer morning fair
that makes me open up my windows
and step outside my dark lair.

I want to run and jump and play,
and do nothing the whole day.
just stand up in the sun
and let life bring what it may.

~Amos Kenneth Axiom, 2012-03-22

What an utter piece of poo! It's a good thing no one reads this blog anyway.

I have the insane urge to do everything, all the time. And that makes the only times that I am free the times when my friends are not.

Don't ever make that mistake. If there's anything you should learn from life, you are nothing without other people. I've made the mistake recently of thinking otherwise.

I need to spend more time in the presence of other humans. Preferably actually talking to them and doing good friend things that good friends are supposed to do.

I am a horrible friend,


Oh hey actually I'm not done writing yet! I totally forgot that today (tomorrow, I'm actually writing this yesterday) is FRIDAY THE 13TH.

I love Friday the 13th. It is my favorite day.
Some people have bad luck on Friday the 13th, but I always seem to have good luck. Why, just 7 Friday the 13th's ago I found a 100 dollar bill in a parking lot!

Well, not quite in the parking lot, but stuck in a tree in the parking lot.

I was so thrilled. I immediately paraded around the supermarket I found the bill outside singing
"I found a Benjamin,
I found a Benjamin!"

And the story gets better! It wasn't long before the rightful owner of the bill heard me and exclaimed: "Hey, that's mine!"

"Really?" I asked. I'm smart. I was not nearly naive enough to believe that she was not simply constructing a ruse to obtain the bill herself.

"Yes!" She said emphatically, though looking at her shoes.

"Then where did you lose it?"

"Near the deli," she said. "I had it before, and I had to take out my purse to check my coupons, and afterwards it was missing."

Well, this was good enough for me. I knew that the bill must have stuck to someone's shoes, and been carried out of the store before a squirrel picked it up and stashed it in the tree thinking it was a nut.

I happily returned the bill to the proper owner with a smile on my face saying, "Well then, here you go!"

I may not have gained a 100 dollars that day, but I walked out with the satisfaction of knowing I had done the right thing.

Remember everyone, love makes the world go 'round!


  1. i enjoyed this--particularly the last bit. i get conned all the time out of money, but i know my heart was in the right place so really... i'm winning by losing?? either way. MEOW.

    1. That story may have been partially fabricated...

      I really did find a 100 dollar bill though.
      I turned it in to lost and found, where an employee probably made off with it.

      I mean, how are you going to verify the owner of a bill?


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