Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Disnie is eviL part 4

So this entire time I've been forgetting to misspell "Disney," but since the word hasn't had to show up in comic yet, I've solved the problem by using a fluffymodulator to alter all of your memories. The titles of previous posts in this story arc? They've always been like that, why do you ask?

Edit: I was going back to fix the titles, and it turns out the prologue to this arc had Disnie spelled as such. Really! Would I lie to you to make myself seem slightly less negligent?

Something you should know before you read this comic is that General Saline has no conscience, and works for Disnie Channel (Well would you look at that, it did show up in comic, but before the legitimate comics).

Sorry about the quality and overall lack of humor in those (2 year old) dinosaurs (not that much has changed...), there's a reason I don't have anything pointing to them from the archive in THIS site.

Told you updates would be regular.

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  1. The comic is begging for a break after "I. Don't. Have..." to give the reader the impression that he's claiming not to have a fluffymodulator. Or maybe not. I can't tell. Carry on, then. :D


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