Wednesday, December 16, 2009

For the holidays,

Foor the hoolidaaaays, theres no place like hoome sweet hooooomme!!!

I felt like doing it :). It's good to be home.

You have no idea how long I took doing this. In the svg file, there is a full sky background and shadowed hills, and even a path leading away from the house, shaded according to the light coming out of the door. But you can only see part of it through the door and everything else is covered. There is also a well done doorknob that ended up getting covered by my mom's head. Perhaps I should plan my layout ahead of time to avoid this kind of thing...

And I also took an hour perfecting the thought bubble and the placement of the words inside.

So much for vector graphics cutting down my drawing time...

But that's okay, I can afford it! It's Christmas break!!! Whoohoo!

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