Monday, September 16, 2013

Iris, Arky, and Joe

What's the first thing I do after I take an exam? I draw a comic!
I still have a large number of unposted comics, and I just didn't feel like uploading them because I hadn't drawn any new ones for, hmm... let's see here... almost two years!
I went on a two year hiatus without saying anything.
You can expect intermittent updates on this webcomic. I don't feel like giving it up, but I'm in med school now, and that takes priority.
Nobody reads it anyway, but hopefully a few people can gather some enjoyment from it.


  1. Sir Amos,
    A dead prince has given you an inheritance money of 10 pesos. If you want to collect this money, first you must send your social security number to the US government branch office in Alaska. Also, you must ship an owl to the location 12.34 degrees W and 37.5 degrees N.

  2. Dear Sir or Madam
    please find enclosed a check for 250000 USD

    thank you for using Asparagus Airlines


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