Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Peeeeew! Peeeeeew!

Hey, if you read this comic, post an comment (anonymous or otherwise)! I want to know that (at least 4) people are actually reading this, or I'll stop posting until I have the resources to get word of my existence out. :P


  1. I read it! Now you know at least one person did!

    This comic is funny because I actually interrupt a certain roommate of mine like this sometimes with insane ideas. :( sorry.

    One part of my subconscious always interrupts the other part for silly things like this too.

  2. You would make a comic about someone with laser ears going "PEEEEW PEEEEW"...

    not really though. I just can't figure out what the one dude in the second panel is saying.
    This is a certain individual, whose individuality may exceed that of some, but not of others. I may or may not be know for a series of notorious exploits. Who am I?
    PS: advertise more!

  4. I don't think you're supposed to, it looks like the blond guy's cutting him off.

  5. If you were chuck norris you don't need lasers...... lasers need youuuuuuuuuu~~~~!!2212141!


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